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2/18/10 | Empresarios por el Mundo

Islas Industries sets up first Spanish factory in United Arab Emirates

Islas Industries has just opened the first Spanish industrial production plant in the United Arab Emirates, as part of a 50% joint venture with an Indian Muslim businessman, Khizar Edross, according to the company, which supplies equipment for the industrial cooling, shipbuilding, hydrocarbons-chemicals, pharmacological, lumber, food and rail sectors.


This new development in Dubai comes two years after the chairman of the firm, José Antonio Silva, moved to the country. This was where he got to know an Indian, who introduced him to an intermediary in the Middle East. After a year of negotiations and ups and downs in establishing mutual trust, they set up a joint venture, Armstrong Islas Industries, which in its six months in existence has already won major contracts in Dubai itself as well as in Kuwait, Jordan and Qatar.

The Dubai plant, the first one owned by a Spanish businessman, covers a site of 50,000 square meters and provides employment for 670 people. One of its contracts is for the manufacture of the Multi-Type Aircraft Docking System, a kind of automatic scaffold used for repairing the Airbus and Boeing aircraft in the Emirates Airlines fleet.

Speaking during an interview with the El Faro de Vigo newspaper, the businessman encouraged Spanish businesses to internationalize, but warned that it is always important to choose a good local partner and, secondly, to adapt to the culture of the country. “They are never going to adapt to you”, he added.


Islas Industries also has a production plant in Shanghai, China, and is currently in negotiations with a Russian partner about setting up another factory in that country.



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