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8/21/08 | VMT

Kenya highlights business opportunities for Spanish investors

Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenya’s Deputy Prime Minister, has highlighted the business opportunities his country offers to Spanish investors and the quality of their exports, which could increase in number if there were direct flights between the capital, Nairobi, and Madrid.


Although talks are ongoing to set up these flights, which would benefit the exchange of trade and tourism, Kenya’s ambassador in Spain, Kirimi Kaberia, has said that nothing has been scheduled as yet, according to Spanish news agency EFE.


The Deputy Prime Minister appeared at a press conference at the celebration of the Kenyan National Day at Expo Zaragoza, where the diplomatic delegation took the opportunity to make contacts with Spanish business people.


Kenyatta said that Kenyan exports to Spain, mainly pineapple juice, tuna fish, coffee and flowers in 2006 totaled $5 million, which only accounted for 0.1% of their total sales abroad.


The Deputy Prime Minister added that coffee is a highly important business as production costs are lower than those of their competitors in the Spanish market and the profits “go directly to the farmers.”



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